Dragon Fruit Juice Recipe

dragon fruit juice Dragon Fruit Juice Recipe

Dragon fruit, aka, being popular as a fruit that is consumed to relieve thirst thanks to its high water content (80-90 g from 100 g raw fruit). The fruit that comes from the cactus plant has exotic shape, color combination of pink and white flesh that it is tempting, with a mild sweet flavor and refreshing.

This fruit has actually been discovered since the 13th century. In 1870, the French people were brought from Guyana to Vietnam as an ornamental plant. The Chinese and Vietnamese believe that the dragon fruit is a fruit which brings blessings. The fruit is always placed between two green dragon on the altar table. Therefore, the fruit is finally named as dragon fruit. Another source said that the fruit is called “dragon fruit” as the fruit covered with scales similar to dragon skin.

The fruit is also known as pitaya, or thanh long (green dragon, the Vietnamese language) also has a variety of nutrients. Dragon fruit helps control blood glucose sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In addition to being a source of fiber and antioxidants, this fruit is also low in calories so you do not have to worry about being fat. Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, are some vitamins and minerals.

In addition to be juice, dragon fruit is also popular as one of the condiments in a fruit soup. If you want another dish, it could not hurt you cultivate dragon fruit as a salad. However, dragon fruit should not be consumed with food that tastes sharp. Seeds are also good eaten with fruit, but you have to chew it to be easily digested. To enjoy the dragon fruit, cut the fruit in half, then scrape the flesh.

Dragon fruit apparently also has many health benefits including treating diabetes mellitus, a blocker of cancer, improve the circulatory system, neutralize toxic substances in the body, boost immunity and many others. Looking at these benefits, there’s no harm include dragon fruit in your daily fruit consumption list. Do not be afraid to get bored, with a little creativity, you can enjoy dragon fruit in juice form. Here is Dragon Fruit Juice recipe that you can try at home.

Dragon Fruit Juice Recipes With Yogurt

Basically, dragon fruit juice is very easily blended. However, to obtain a more optimal flavor, you can add other healthy ingredients such as yogurt. Interested? Here are steps you can practice for a glass of Dragon Fruit Juice Yoghurt.

First, prepare materials:

1 fresh dragon fruit.
2 cups ice cubes that had been shaved.
200 millilitre yogurt (it depends on your taste variants).
2 scoop any flavor of ice cream.

How to Make Dragon Fruit Juice:

Peeled or halved dragon fruit that has been previously washed. Then separate the pieces of meat with skin. Put the meat into the blender with the other ingredients yogurt and shaved ice. Blend until evenly mixed. After that, pour it into a glass of juice. Enter one scope of ice cream on top of dragon fruit juice. Dose in this recipe for two glasses of juice.

Still there are many variants of dragon fruit juice can you dispensing of your own kitchen. In principle, add the ingredients according to your taste. Choose a material that also has a good effect on the body thereby optimizing the health benefits of dragon fruit. Develop your creativity in the kitchen. Good luck!

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