Fruit Leather Dehydrator and the Recipe

 Fruit Leather recipe Dehydrator Fruit Leather Dehydrator and the Recipe

Harvest is coming in. The fruit stock is in abundant. For some people (who have time and passion), the fruit will be processed to preserve it. Some of the processes products are dried fruit, frozen fruit, fruit jam, fruit jelly, or fruit juice. There is also another way to preserve fruit. This method combines drying fruit and jamming techniques. It is called fruit leather. Fruit leather is a rolled-pureed fruit. It is called leather because the shiny surface of the fruit puree resembles leather. To make it, Fruit Leather Dehydrator is often used.

Why Fruit Leather Dehydrator?

Drying process is expected to remove the moisture from the fruit leather. It results in lighter and smaller foods. The moisture removal prevents the bacteria to live. Yeasts and molds will not grow on the fruit leather spoiling it. Drying the fruit using Fruit Leather Dehydrator minimizes the wrong drying process. The maximum temperature for drying fruit is 140 F. Higher temperatures makes the fruit leather’s surface becomes harden, but the inside part is still moist. After the wrong dying process, the fruit leather will mold because of the moisture left during storage. Thus, the drying process should use proper temperature. Since Fruit Leather Dehydrator is designed to dry fruit, it has already been equipped with the temperature control suitable for drying fruit leather.

Fruit Leather Dehydrator helps you a lot to make fruit leather. It saves more time to dry the fruit puree because Fruit Leather Dehydrator has many trays. Drying with oven takes approximately 18 hours, while using Fruit Leather Dehydrator, drying process only spends 6 to 8 hours for the fruit to dry. L’Equip food dehydrators and Excalibur food dehydrators are best known of the finest quality. L’Equip food dehydrators provide various compact size and striking design. Excalibur food dehydrators offer the practical and easy way to remove any food drying tray without moving other trays.

How to Make Fruit Leather Using Dehydrator

To make applesauce and fruit rolls-ups, the ingredients needed are 3 cups of fresh strawberries and 3 cups of applesauce, or 2 cups of bananas and 2 cups of applesauce. First, wash the fruit. Make sure that you remove the seeds and the pits if any. Fur hard fruit such as apples and pears, chop it first before processing. Taste the fruit, if it is not sweet enough, you can add sugar.

Put the fruit in a large saucepan with a half cup of water for every 4 cups of chopped fruit. Simmer them together. Put the cover and cook them on a low heat for 10-15 minutes until the fruit is cooked through. Take off the cover and stir it well. Mash up the fruit in the pan using potato masher. Taste the fruit to make sure how much sugar needed. To keep the real flavor, add sugar in small amounts, usually 1 tablespoons of sugar is enough for 4 cups of fruit). Adding one teaspoon of lemon juice will help to brighten the flavor of the fruit. If you are adventorous with flavor and you love spices, you can add a pinch or two of cinnamon powder to enrich the flavor. Continue simmering and stirring until the sugar disolved and the fruit puree thickened. Besides mashing after simmering the fruit in the pan, making the fruit puree can be done in blender.

Wrap the tray with a special plastic wrap, then pour the puree on it and spread it evenly. Make sure that the wrap does not fold over the puree, unless it will not dry. The thickness of the puree should be 1/8 to ¼ inches. To make equal size, you can use food slicer. Leave an inch or more near the border of the tray to allow for spreading during drying process. Set the temperature into 140˚F. Put it in the dehydrator for 6 to 8 hours. Since the fruit leather dries from the edge to the center, testing the dryness can be done by touching the center of the fruit leather. If there are no indention and sticky spots, it means the fruit leather has been thoroughly dried. Overheated may cause fruit leather hardening. When the fruit leather is ready, remove it from the dehydrator.

When the fruit leather is ready, you can easily peel it up from the plastic wrap. Do it while warm. To store the fruit leather, roll it in its plastic wrap, keep it in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Fruit leather can be the alternative of fruit preserving attempt. It can be a good and healthy snack in every occasion. You can control the sugar level and add spices or flavor such as cinnamon, cloves, coriander, ginger, mace, mint, almond extract, lemon juice, lemon peel, lime juice, lime peel, orange extract, orange juice, orange peel or vanilla extract. However, not all kinds of fruit are good to make fruit leather. You can use strawberry, pineapple, apple, apricot, nectarine or pear.

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