How to Choose Healthy Fruit Juice Brands

best healthy fruit juice brands How to Choose Healthy Fruit Juice Brands

Many fruit juices are not qualified to be considered as healthy juice. Let’s say that those juices contain amounts of preservatives and artificial sugar. Though these juices are seem anywhere, you can still find the healthy juices among the unhealthy ones. There are several things that you need to do to determine whether the juice is healthy or not.

Things to Consider From Healthy Fruit Juice Brands

First, look at the label. Check if the label shows that the juice is made of natural fruit juice. Some fruit juices in the supermarkets explicitly mention that they are ‘100% fruit juice’. If you find these fruit juices, you are suggested to buy them because they are made of  real fruit juice. One thing to remember is that if the juice is labelled as  ‘drink’, ‘beverage’, ‘nectar’, and ‘cocktail’ means that it contains no more than 1% fruit juice.

Second requirement to determine healthy fruit juice brands is that the juice should not contain any additive substances. There are several artificial sweeteners that may be harmful for the body. They are aspartame and saccharine. Corn syrup which contains high fructose are not suggested to be used as sweetener too. It is responsible to elevate the blood sugar level.

Harmful additives can also come from artificial flavors. They may have effect on the neurological system. Artificial colors are also dangerous for the body. They may trigger the risk of cancer. You need to be careful when choosing fruit juice. Check the content of preservative. Preservatives like ascorbic acid, citric acid, and malic acid can increase the risk of cancer too.

As the third requirement to define that the fruit juice brands are healthy, check the juice origin. You need to be aware with your health if you buy juice from fruit concentrate. It may contain mold. You are suggested to buy fruit juice from fruit puree or fruit pulp. These juices are made by mashing the flesh of the fruit. Of course this process leaves the healthy fiber on the juice. Then you do not need to doubt the quality.

The Healthy Fruit Juice Brands

Naked’s Green Machine

When you look at the label, you will not doubt that Naked’s Green Machine is absolutely healthy. It is made from the mix of healthy fruits like kiwi, apple, banana, mango, and pineapple, with nutritious vegetable like broccoli, spinach, garlic, wheatgrass, algae, and parsley. You can get all you need from one bottle of juice. And the most important thing is that no sugar added to the juice. Each bottle of Naked’s Green Machine can be purchased with $4. Well, it is expensive enough, but it really worths considering the nutrition.

Apple and Eve

Your kids will find it very fancy. Apple and Eve offers a unique design of sesame street. The name of the products are also interesting like Elmo’s Punch, Big Bird’s Apple, and Bert & Ernie’s Berry. Only the fruits with the best flavor are used. The fruits used are also labelled organic. Apple and Eve can give necessary nutrition to the body like calcium and vitamin C. All flavors and sweetness are only from the fruits. No artificial flavors and sweeteners are used. But this juice is made of the concentrate. Apple and Eve is available in box of 4 oz with various prices offered.

Honest Tea Honest Ade

Honest Tea Honest Ade is a mix of healthy tea and fruit. There are several flavors that you can choose like cranberry, lemonade, fruit punch, mango, orange, and lime. But consume it wisely because Honest Tea Honest Ade contains artificial sugar. This healthy fruit juice brand is available in 6 oz. You can purchase it by $24 per dozen.

Odwalla Carrot Juice

Odwalla Carrot Juice is healthy fruit juice made of 100% carrot from California. It is made from the puree which means it is rich of fiber. But no trace of organic ingredients is found. Odwalla is available in bottle of 450 ml. You can get it with $3 only.

Santa Cruz Organics

Santa Cruz Organics is healthy fruit juice brand which offers you delight of consuming healthy juice. You can choose one of various options of flavor like Hibiscus Cooler, Red Tart Cherry, Passion fruit Nectar, and Pineapple Coconut. Not only good for our body, Santa Cruz Organics is also environmental friendly. Almost 96% of the waste is recycled. You can try this healthy juice with only $5

Lakewood Juices

Lakewood Juices offers you more than 50 juices selections. They are all organic. All juices are made of freshly pressed fruits. One more fabulous thing is that all juices are made without artificial flavor, artificial color, and added sugar. Only $6,50 for this healthy juice.

So now, you do not need to worry about choosing healthy fruit juice brands for you. You can consume your favorite fruit everyday. Make sure that you check the label to get the one that you really need. Yes, consuming healthy fruits now can be very easy, practical, and enjoyable.

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